Power Weeks

Imagine you had a limited amount of weeks per year – let’s say you only had fifty-two. If you are an average adult, your schedule is already filled with a full-time job, maybe some activities on the side such as fitness and for some of you – kids!

You would be amazed to realize how much can be accomplished in a week if you concentrated on just one task.

I have to give credit to my husband Diapositive1who came up with the idea of Power Month – but I had to stop him right away, one month is too long for a busy human being to keep up with.

So, I googled it to find out if this concept already existed before I would write a post about it. I surprisingly found out that this was also the name people gave to a week where they could get drunk … Well, this is wasting a week, not exactly how I imagine making the best use of it – so here comes our concept of Power Weeks!

A Power Week is intended to people who “don’t have the time to…” read the book someone gave them last Christmas, eat super healthy, spend more time with their loved ones, spend romantic moments with their partners, write letters to friends abroad, want to get deeper in their spiritual lives, want to start a project, want to create something, want to spend some time crafting or painting, – I will let you fill in the blanks.

To begin with, you don’t have to start on a Monday … every failing diet should have started on that fatal day – do what you know is best for you.

No matter how, you need a plan. You need to know where you are going. Unless you do it for fun, you would never take the bus without intending to go anywhere in particular, instead, you take it to get from point A to point B. Having a goal in life is the way to reach what you want. You don’t want to wander through life, you want it to have a meaning. Life is just too precious and you only have one. So make something outstanding out of it! – What do you want to achieve?

You also need to measure how long you need to accomplish your target. Is one hour in the morning sufficient or would you need your entire evening to put on some music in the background and work on your project? A good way to secure yourself some time is to not turn on your TV set during that week or unplug your home phone. – How much time do you need?

Also, you have to adapt your habits at some point. If you keep doing the same things, you cannot expect the outcome to be different. You need to be wired that this week is going to be different; you are actually going to take time for yourself – not for your employer, for your chores in the house, or other activities you are involved in. You have to make clear to people around you that you need time for yourself. Do you think that God created time so that each day would be mechanically the same? – Your week is precious!

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which a lot of people are used like robots, some get a good financial compensation for letting things steal their most precious asset: time – many, many others don’t even get this compensation. It sometimes takes so much courage to stop this rat race and start enjoying your time – this time you’ll never get back. – Your life is unique!

Tell me now, what is going to be your project for this coming week?

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Hi Nathalie, thank you for these words of inspiration. This evening, I set appointments for my power week so that I have accountability!


Hi Abigail, I’m happy to hear that! Hope next week you’ll look back and feel good about what you’ve accomplished for yourself! … and repeat this experience again 🙂


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