Dear Diary


I know I haven’t written you in a very long time but I thought you were upset that I had replaced your paper format by my computer. I apologize that I tore you apart and threw you away a couple of years ago but I thought that the very long list of my crushes and all the time that I complained about my grades, weight and parents were not crucial information that I should keep anyways. I wish back then I had had the wisdom little Anne Frank had when she wrote these beautiful words – which I could have only done if I had properly taken the time for it. The good news is that I think I do now. I sit down and write precious details that one day will matter for my kids and their kids. The bad news is I do it rarely. So I thought I would sit at Starbucks during lunch break to give you an update of what has been going on in my life.

I recently started to work in an American company based in Berlin. Most of all, I love the ambiance. I believe the company has a check list during the interview where they grade how nice the interviewee is; because everyone is just so kind. It is also very international. In my department, there is one wonderful Canadian girl, two amazing German women, a cute Mexican lady and a smart Spanish guy. A melting pot again, as I am used to. I love them as if I had known them forever. There is a whole lot to learn, though, but I hope I will soon be able to manage it.

Today is a special day: it is the 25th month of our marriage. I can only remember that day with a smile on my face. It took a lot of time to prepare, but you know me, I’m a perfectionist, and thanks God it worked out pretty well. I believe God gives each of us a talent, a special gift. I believe that the one He gave me is creativity. Every time I do something, I step back, look at it, and praise God for it. In addition to that, I love organizing – so it was the perfect thing for me. I loved our wedding, from the moment we started to organize it until … today!

You know what? I love the place where I work because it has a special significance. Don’t you find it funny that here, at Gendarmenmarkt (I work not far from here), Frank proposed 3 years ago? Don’t you find it amusing how things are linked in life? I believe there is no coincidence or chance, I believe in a pre-written destiny. But you know the kind of destiny that we can choose. Like you have two doors in front of you and you choose to live in a certain way and pick one door and close the other one for good.

There is probably another reason why I haven’t kept you very up-to-date since I am with Frank. You used to be my confident, now he is. You used to know all my secrets, now he does. You used to come with me everywhere, now he does. You used to bear my moods, now he does. Having a husband as a diary is a beautiful image of what marriage is. It reminds me what the pastor said on that Day when he quoted Colossians 3:12-17 about Love that binds everything in perfect unity. Since that day we are writing our life-story together in one diary.

So every month since we got married, we decided to do something special on the 27th or at least the following Saturday. The first year we went to nice restaurants around Berlin. Now we are enjoying breakfasts or brunches in nice hotels and we love it!

Sorry, it was good to write to you but I have to go back to work. Thank you for having been such a faithful friend to me all these years. Hey, you know what? I am super happy because you know that for a very long time I wasn’t able to write anymore. But after my Master in Business, I studied Philosophy and it helped me a lot to get back into writing. It makes me so happy. I am always working on several book projects at the same time, but who knows, perhaps this year will I publish my first novel? 🙂

With love,

Your Natie

Ps. By the way, I have a new short haircut. Mom made a 30cms/1 foot braid and cut it. You know what we say, that when a woman cuts her hair that short, it means that this is a new beginning. I believe it is, because 2013 should be a year of accomplishment.

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