An Introduction To “Health: Fitness&Food”

The Health: Fitness&Food section aims at rejecting preconceived ideas that do not work on the long-term. I want to create a collection of posts that you can always refer to.

Although he did a degree in Business, my husband studied nutrition. He was always passionate about health and how food and fitness play a major role in it. In that sense, he has always been my coach. He taught me how to properly read a food label, a blood check or which exercises I should do.

The truth is that most of us do not even know what we have to do. We go on starvation diets when we want to lose weight and we spend hours at the gym without seeing the results we expect.

Part of the mistake comes from the image society wants to promote. In a lot of movies, you see the beautiful cheerleader who supposedly eats an entire chocolate pack and ice cream because she is broken-hearted. Seven years ago, my crush (now husband) had to leave for his home country during the summer. I decided I would load up on sugar just like in the movies. I came back home with ice cream, chocolate syrup, cookies and a bunch of similar things. I sat down on my bed in my little student dorm and started to eat like in the movies. After a couple of minutes of tasting different things, I was full and nothing else could go in my stomach. I came to the conclusion that Hollywood movies were lying big time.

Matter-of-factly, girls who regularly eat sugar must train hard at the gym to lose it all. Our society is all about numbers and measures: how tall you are, how big is your tummy or what your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be. As far as I am concerned, I do not care much about all of these. It has been weeks since I weighted myself for the last time – and I am just as happy! However, like in everything, you need some fundamentals – the numbers. So, yeah, I will have to talk numbers at some point, but that will never be the main idea to remember.

health fitness food

 Food is fuel for your body

One thing I noticed every time I went on a diet was that on the long-term it never worked. Most of us actually have a wrong idea about how a diet works, such as:

– “Monday, I’ll start!” – Procrastination.

– “I have to eat less!” – Starvation.

– “A little piece of chocolate bar won’t hurt!” – Illusion.

– “I have to drink diet sodas because they have less sugar.” – Misconception.

Needless to say, this is wrong. A real diet is a process you implement daily. You have to be conscious of what you put in your body, especially in terms of quality.

The food section will mainly deal with health more than diet itself (I don’t like this word anyways). We will discuss the basics about the body and what it needs to function well. We will explain concepts such as “front loading”, “cheat days” or “super foods”.

At last, we will talk about the impact food has on our body: how it can prevent some illnesses, change your DNA and impact future generations – i.e in the case of pregnant women.

 Fitness is maintenance of your body

A healthy lifestyle should include some workouts. The fitness part will mainly include tips and advises for both male and female who wish to gain some strength and be fit. These tips are absolutely easy to implement in a daily routine at home. All the more so, if you are like me, and don’t enjoy going to the gym where everyone shows their six-packs and you hide your chubby belly.

My husband and I work out at home with basic equipment, and it works! We both work full-time and still make it. The only thing one needs to know is which movements impact the body in a certain way.

Please remember that weight does not mean anything because muscles are heavy. If you are a girl, do not be afraid of lifting weights, it will tone you and not make you look like a body-builder.

Consistency and Discipline

I simply want to share tips and advises for a lifetime process. I do not pretend to be a fitness coach or a nutritionist. What I will talk about are general ideas. However, depending on your situation you might want to see a specialist to tailor a program for you.

In this section, you will not find tricks as how to lose 5kgs/11lbs before the summer. Quite the contrary, it is a long-term process, maybe 3 to 6 months to put in place until it becomes an established habit.

Whatever program you already started or you wish to start, I would highly recommend you to take before and after pictures. We don’t like the before pictures, but when we can see what we have achieved, it is a good feeling. Also, I would say, it is good to keep a journal.

This is simple, easy to do with minimum costs and a good motivation. Whatever you do, remember these two key words: consistency and discipline.

 Enjoy the journey! 

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