Words You Should Erase From Your Dictionary

You can impact the world. Did you know that the way you love others reflects the way you love yourself? Dr. Caroline Leaf even concluded that our thoughts can change our DNA. What you do today can impact not only yourself but also your environment.

Vocabulary replacementDictionary

It is not only about not saying certain words, but also about replacing them. Weirdly, I never put on so much weight as from the moment I said that I was on a diet because I called myself fat! You have to realize that confidence does not come from beauty, but beauty from confidence. Instead of saying diet, say sport, training or dancing. Instead of saying stupid, say well-able, intelligent and clever. Forget the word stress, it makes you lose all your ability, especially during a moment when you need to be serene and concentrated. Never, ever say you are fat. Most of the time, it is not even true: say you’re a happy person who enjoys life. I recently talked about the power of words, which consists in saying things about you that will make you better or worse. Yes, there is a power in the words we pronounce because we declare a truth – or something we think is true.

As I said, when you treat other people badly, it says a lot about yourself. When you treat a person badly, it shows how much hatred you have in your own heart. When you encourage somebody else, it shows that you accept people as they are because you accept yourself as you are. Erase all the bad words you use daily, maybe a dozen times a day, especially cuss words! Learn to put your trust in other people and realize that the more you will encourage them with kind words, the more you will love them. You have the power to change a situation. Your words shape the people you talk to. Finally, nobody will charge you for a thank you.

The next level: thoughts & attitude replacement 

The words you speak identify your heart’s state: “For the mouth speaks what the heart if full of.” We would probably live in a much better world if people understood that their words have an impact on other people’s lives. Always being told that “you can’t do it!” is the best way to kill someone’s dreams. It is incredible how many people will tell you what you are not capable of doing. One thing my husband told me long ago and that has changed my life is: only take advice from people who are in a position to give it to you. For example, people who do not have kids are the best to tell you how to raise yours … You are well able, you have what it takes. Start believing today that you can change a situation: your mind as well as your body. It takes faith: do your best, God will do the rest!

Take a paper and write down everything you wish you could change in your life: applying for a new job position, having a joyful marriage and family, being healthy and in shape, and so forth. Do you want to know the difference between people we call “successful” and the others? Their willpower! They first dared and then they persevered. Nobody says it is easy, but the good news is you only need 30 to 66 days to change a habit (depending on the sources). What is that in a lifetime if that can impact the rest of your life? Also, be realistic, as most of the time we tend to distort reality – a lot of diseases come from there: jealousy, envy, depression, anger, etc.

You don’t want to be the person who says “I could have…, I would have…, if only …” Your life must be an example to help others: your family, your friends and people you don’t know – this must be your driving force.

Start right now! It will hurt but this will build a strong you, whereas if you hurt yourself, you will destroy who you are and your environment. Write your own personal dictionary: take a paper and write down blessings on your life. Then go tell yourself in front of a mirror these wonderful words: “I’m healthy, I’m capable, I’m strong enough, it hurts but I can keep doing it, I am blessed …”

The picture above is really from my own dictionnary – isn’t it interesting that if you look further you will find something better? 

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Really like your post about the power of our words! I think you are completly right and this post is a good reminder.


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