The World’s Got Talent

I have always been a dreamer. Some events in my life have however terribly altered my world. It takes time to rebuild a world. The positive part is that the second time you will construct a fence to protect it. When you lose it all, you have two choices: spend your life mourning it or get up to do it again. It is only when you decide that the latter option is the best, that you will walk on the path of success.

The right attitude

I recently watched an interview with the James Bond of Britain’s Got Talent and the mogul of American broadcasting. In a very charming hotel suite, Simon Cowell answered Oprah’s questions about his life. I could not have been more surprised to find out what he actually went through. He explained how he reached the top at some point of his life, and how he tumbled down the next day. He had it all: the girls, the cars, the money – and lost it all. It took him a long time before he was ready to come back. During this whole process, he learnt a lot, especially that humility was a key to success.

Who would today think that one of the jury member of this TV-show had to go back to living with his parents when all that happened? That guy, full of prejudice and pride when he saw Susan Boyle walk in, had to himself learn that at some point he was a human being like everyone else. Success does not change you completely, but it reveals the person you always were. In this situation, you again have two choices: learn to humble yourself or say it is other people’s fault. To really earn the place where you are, you need more than talent and luck; you need a good attitude and hard work.

I love these TV-shows where we see hundreds of thousands participants coming for the chance of their lives. Your talent will not make you the richest and most famous singer. Your talent is a tool to bring a beautiful part of you to the world. Your talent is to be shared and be used as a testimony to encourage other people. This is what it means to be humble.

Think big, dream bigger

You know deep in your heart that your talent is worth sharing. Now, you have been working hard and you do not know where to start. The truth is, it all starts in your mind. How much do you trust yourself? Your confidence is a key to your success. Confidence is not a synonym of arrogance! Arrogant people think they do not have anything to learn, that they basically know everything and that all other people around them are inferior. A confident person is a person who knows he has to learn a lot, but he will not listen to people always criticizing or telling him how he should do this or that.

Then, you have to check if your willpower and perseverance are correctly tuned. The same way you do not lose 10 kilos overnight, you are not going to be successful overnight. It is actually well-known that drastic diets lead to gaining even more weight afterwards. What you earn with no regular work, you will lose with even lesser work. Perseverance and regularity are brothers, not just cousins.

We have seen that your thoughts are your leader; you have to be your own master by dreaming bigger than what your brain says. We need passionate people who have a great story to tell about their adventures. We need dreamers who can change the world and make it a better place. Long is the journey, but great is the reward. The world’s got talent and we need more of people’s contributions in order to make us dream.


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