Aesthetics in the Head of an Artist

When listening to a friend’s on-line music station that I just discovered, I feel in a totally different universe than in my bedroom. The sun suddenly became curious about the guitar chords and decided to appear again. I had my husband for a short visit during lunch break. The expression “this made my day” now makes complete sense. It does not matter how it started, I can now change the course of the journey. Thanks Rachael, you made my day!

What is aesthetics?

According to my Oxford pocket dictionary, aesthetics is a “set of principles concerned with the nature of beauty, especially in art.” The second definition says it is a branch of philosophy. To cover the whole description, it is important to emphasize that art involves “creative skills and imagination.”

The right material for best results

When somebody is passionate about something, he does not count the hours. Time is not a clock but a material he needs to create the product. Most 9-to-5 workers could actually work less than him and still receive a constant salary. Passion is about everything a life is made of. Artists draw their resources in their environment and feelings. From there they create and share to the world what counts the most for them.

It sounds less artistic to talk about result or product. However, this is the logical consequence of a hard work. Being an artist is not just about the French bohemian way of living. It is more than that. It takes more than just talent to live out of your passion. Some call it the lucky start, I call it work.

Life’s events 

Artists are people who use their own stories.  To them, talking about an extremely joyful or hard event with simple words is nearly impossible. They feel like earthly words cannot express correctly what happened at some point in their lives. The problem lies in the fact that certain events can literally take decades before an artist can comprehend them. Till then, this is the basis of his work. Never take an artist to a shrink – you would destroy his world.

The power of art is to be able to express the best and the worst through a medium. This is why you can find a drama beautiful. You would never connect comedy to this adjective. The beauty lies in the story that is universally true, in the journey, not only in the happy ending.

The beauty of art

The grandeur of art is found at the core of the development of an artist himself. Every step conveys the message: “This is where I got so far.” Every time an artist learns something about the secrets of life, he creates a product in which hundreds of people can recognize themselves. This is a win-win situation, where both the creator and the receiver feel something. The most amazing part is that, most of the time they do not even feel the same emotions.

The life-stages an artist goes through can easily be interpreted. At the beginning, the artist expresses himself in such a genuine way. Then he improves his technique and gains  confidence. The fame comes in the middle and he loses the material he needed. I know why I prefer the first album of a lot of singers. I still love them afterwards and keep on buying their music, but the first, like in love, cannot be compared.

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