Wedding Season for Guests

Being invited to a wedding is a great honor. However, this privilege is often a bother. If you are Armenian, there is a high chance that this summer you will be a guest at 4 weddings, 3 baptisms and 2 big birthdays. What are you going to wear? 

The center piece

What I call the center piece is the dress. First, it is always important to try on a dress before you buy it. Even if you have the sexiest body on earth, certain cuts will not properly bring out your lovely curves. Today’s fashion is not for everyone. This does not mean you have to go on an anorexic diet. I hope a lot of teenage-girls understand this. You will never see me wearing fashion clothes, for I know they do not fit my figure. Second, choose the best color. Unless you really do not have the choice, prefer dark blue to complete black. You are attending a joyful event and black will not hide the two kilos you were supposed to lose. Also, do not steal the bride’s day by wearing plain white. Third, long dresses are the hardest to recycle. They are so beautiful that once people notice this elegance, wearing the same dress for the all wedding season might not be the cleverest choice. Dresses that are cut right under the knees are usually the most appropriate length for several reasons.

A lot of girls are unsure about their tastes. They are scared that the selling lady only wants her commission without understanding what exactly the needs are. I have seen that several times and this is why it is important to know what is best for you. You can possibly buy magazines where you can find girls who are your type, have your height, have the same hair, and so on. I never recognize myself with those giant blond German type models. Rather, I look which celebrity is small, brunette, with greenish eyes and a good taste. But keep in mind, you are not a Hollywood star who is trying to launch a new fashion-style; prefer classic, especially in wedding season.


Accessories are for girls what a tie is to a man. I personally do not know any man who has fifty suits and one tie only. This principle goes for women as well. Once you have chosen your moon-dress, you have to search for the stars. Focus on the details: your hairstyle, hairband, make-up, jewelries, handbag, shoes, and vest or wrap.

You have two strategies: match or don’t match. For the matching option, take the everyday basis for being properly dressed: choose a maximum of three colors that will be reused everywhere.  This strategy is structured all around the dress. Your top, you nail color or your eye-shadow will always try to match another detail. The second strategy is to highlight yourself. You do not need to necessarily match everything. Use the same make-up color you usually use, do a classic hair-style, prefer a French-manicure and wear the jewelry color that goes with your skin and overall color type. In this case, silver better suits brunettes and bright or dark clothes, whereas yellow gold goes better with blonds and flashy colors.

Playing with the accessories will allow you to buy a good dress and to use it more often, instead of having to buy one for each occasion. If this is not enough, you still can find a friend who you can exchange your dresses and accessories with. Looking nice for occasions is a way to show how honored you are to be invited.

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Thanks Kenya!
Well, I believe it’s all in the preparation. If you know a couple of mothers around you who can “lend” you clothes. I am not highly experienced with kids yet, but as far I as remember I always had my cousin’s or sister’s clothes for a long time. Kids grow up so quick, and it’s sometimes insane how their clothes are expensive. And I believe the most important is to know who is going to wear what. The same way adult make sure one week before that their dress is cleaned and ironed, so it has to be for the kids. The day before prepare everything in a corner: dress, shoes, accessories, and games (when you want to enjoy the evening), so that when d-day comes, it’s all there. – You are yourself so creative, I’m not even sure my advice help, you’re my Hero in terms of mothering!


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